Introduction to Yehoshua

Yehoshua takes over the leadership of the Jewish nation from Moshe.  In the Torah, Yehoshua is introduced as a “meshoreis Moshe”- Moshe’s attendant. Moshe was a unique leader who attained the highest level of prophecy- he spoke to Hashem “face to face”. As Moshe is impossible to replace, his loyal attendant, Yehoshua was chosen to lead in the same manner he witnessed Moshe do it. Chazal describe Moshe as the sun and Yehoshua as the moon. The purpose of the moon is to reflect the light of the sun when it is unable to function, i.e. at night. Likewise, Yehoshua’s mission is to lead the Jewish nation through the next era of history after the sun disappears- Moshe dies. He does what Moshe was unable to achieve- enter the land of Israel. Yet, as they reflect the same light Yehoshua does several things Moshe did before him, including: splitting the sea, Pesach and Bris Milah. Yehoshua builds an altar and inscribes the Torah on it, he reads the brachos and kllalos on Har Gereizim and Har Eival; On three occasions the Pesukim stress he did this exactly like Moshe (8:30-35). Additionally, they both married converts (Moshe- Tziporah and Yehoshua- Rachav). Yehoshua gave us the Land of Israel and Moshe the Torah, Israel is meant to reflect the light of the Torah. Yehoshua’s challenge is to gain the people’s support for his leadership, despite not being the obvious candidate (Moshe’s sons were not selected).