Malachim Alef

Introduction to Malachim

Sefer Malachim was written by Yirmiya describing a hugely eventful 400 years approximately. This Sefer is the basis for Yeshaya, Yirmiya and Yechezkal who write about this period. The period begins with Dovid’s death and Shlomo’s rulership, this was the most tranquil period in our history. When we say “renew our days like the days of old”, we are referring to this time in our history. The Jewish people were united, the nations were in awe of Israel, there was no war, and the Beis Hamikdosh was built. The Jewish people nearly attained Moshiach, however, Shlomo’s having many wives prevented this. Subsequently the kingdom was split between Yehuda and Yisroel; Yehuda backed Kings from Dovid’s offspring whereas Yisroel backed Yerovom.

The Sefer is called Melachim as it details (excluding Dovid) 41 Kings out of 44 of the Jewish people who lead the entire people or either of the two kingdoms. The King has a pivotal role and a tremendous responsibility in determining the religious level of the Jewish people. Yerovom’s idols wreaked havoc for years after his reign and caused society to go astray. He became the definition of evil, “he followed in the ways of Yerovom”.  Many Kings followed in the ways of Hashem, but it was a turbulent time. Each generation varied greatly from the generation it preceded and likewise to the generation that preceded it e.g. Chizkiyahu one of the most righteous Kings bore Menashe, one of the most wicked Kings. The lost 10 tribes of Yisroel are described as is the exile which we remain in till this very day. As great as the splendour of the Beis Hamikdosh was and is described as such, so is its destruction described towards the end of Sefer Malachim.