Inside Nach

Welcome to our Brand New Feature “Inside Nach”!

“Inside Nach” is a series of source sheets designed to help learners with the more difficult Seforim in Nach. Each Perek has a dedicated page containing 3 sections:

  • the “Perek summary”;
  • “Pessukim in context” which focuses-in on a specific Possuk and relevant messages to be taken out;
  • an ‘elucidation table’ which takes a number of Pessukim from the Perek and gives a Pshat-basic explanation- according to the classic commentaries.

The publication has taken hours of work to produce and is aimed to give more depth in the harder sections of Nach for those learning Nach with our 1-perek a-day cycle.

At the moment Inside Nach has been made on just a few Seforim and we hope at some point to expand it on other seforim!

Click on the links below to access “Inside Nach”:

Inside Nach-Koheles

Inside Nach-Mishlei