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Daily Nach Book!

Journey through Nach was born out of two international DailyNach projects, in which hundreds participated in the structured study of Nach. Journey through Nach aims to make Nach an understandable, palatable and approachable study, without losing any of its beauty, depth or profundity – providing context, framework and insights to connect to a basic comprehension of the text and the depth of themes and messages. Click here for more details…

New Feature!

We have recently set up a calendar on the website which will show the daily perek and any upcoming events and launches The calendar will also link directly to Perek summaries for that Sefer. We hope the new tool will help you keep up to date with Daily Nach. View the calendar here…

How to Join?

We currently have dozens of participants across the globe and would love to have you on board. Daily Nach participants learn one Perek of Nach in their own time and in under two years finish the whole of Nach. Here is the monthly calendar to get started. Please let us know your details on the Sign Up page under Contact Us and we will send you weekly Perek summaries and Divrei Torah to help you on the journey.

Calendars & Chaburah

Calendars will be sent out by e-mail and for participants in Hasmonean will be given out. Please click here for a copy of the latest calendar. The Daily Nach Chabura takes place in the boys school every Monday lunch break. In the girls school it will be held fortnightly during Tuesday lunch. In both Chaburas there will be refreshments. Exciting speakers including: students, teachers and guest speakers will engage attendees with an interesting topic based on the weekly Perokim.