Book Release


Book Release!

Spanning from the entry into Eretz Yisrael with Joshua all the way to prophetic visions of the Messianic era and the third Temple, the echoes of Nach span generations.

Journey through Nach was born out of two international DailyNach projects, in which hundreds participated in the structured study of Nach. Journey through Nach aims to make Nach an understandable, palatable and approachable study, without losing any of its beauty, depth or profundity – providing context, framework and insights to connect to a basic comprehension of the text and the depth of themes and messages.

The unique Journey through Nach, 2-Volume Box
set has:

  • Chapter summaries on every chapter in Nach, with insights of commentaries interwoven
  • Over 100 Divrei Torah on Nach
  • Charts, maps, timelines,  Haftarahs referenced
  • Introductions for every Sefer of Nach, foreword by Rabbi Zev Leff
  • A comprehensive essay section with 19 essays on topics such as: witchcraft, suicide, idolatry, prophecy, revenge, bitachon, hereditary punishment, the righteous suffering, David & Batsheva, predicting Moshiach, relying on miracles, the third Temple and more


Journey through Nach allows the reader to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the major events, characters and themes of Nach
  • Analyze the depth behind the text
  • Comprehend the more difficult and terse texts such as Iyov, Daniel, Zechariah, Shir Hashirim, etc. Understand the weekly Haftarah.
  • See the beauty and profundity of Nach


Rabbi Daniel Fine has international experience in teaching schools, teenagers, students and professionals. He is the author of two books and countless articles – having taught and had Torah articles read by over a thousand people on a regular basis. Rabbi Fine and Chaim Golker also run DailyNach Israel and UK branches.


“Just a short glance through the pages of this work impresses one with his ability to convey ideas with perfect clarity in simple language without losing the depth of meaning. The sefer is a valuable tool for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of Nach and assists people in achieving a greater appreciation of the depth of Chazal and the mefarshim.”  Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky


“The presentation is lucid and accurate and written in an informative and interesting style. I am sure that many will benefit from this work.”    Rabbi Zev Leff

Journey through Nach facilitates comprehension and retention of Nach on multiple levels, to master the study of Nach!


For the Nevi’im volume:

As well as the insights, perek summaries and charts, this volume deals with key issues such as: why was Joshua chosen as the next leader? What is the purpose of the prophets? Who wrote which sefer of Neviim? Are Bnei Yisrael to wipe out the seven Canaanite nations indiscriminately? What was David’s secret family history? Why were the descendants of Shaul killed for their ancestor’s mistake? Did Shimshon and Shaul commit suicide? Why is idolatry constantly expressed via the metaphor of adultery? What is the difference between a judge and a king? Why does Sefer Shmuel exist? How could Yael commit ostensible adultery? How does the third Temple differ from its predecessors? Why was the second Temple so low-key in the eyes of many? What secret deal did Yirmiya make with Nevuchadnezzar?


For Kesuvim:

As well as the insights, perek summaries and charts, this volume deals with key issues such as: What is the difference between Neviim and Kesuvim? Why did Daniel write down prophecies we cannot understand? Can we predict Moshiach? Was Daniel a prophet? What is the goal of Divrei Hayamim? Why did people not return to Eretz Yisrael (Ezra among them) after permission had been granted to rebuild the Temple there? What are the origins of the third Temple? How are we to understand Iyov’s denials of freewill? How could so many characters in Nach rely on miracles? What is bitachon? How do freewill and Hashem’s control/judgment interrelate? How does Esther differ from every other megillah? What were the causes of the Purim story? Does Haman receive reward for unintentionally causing the nation to repent?