About Us

The Daily Nach programme was started in September 2007 by two Hasmonean boys to encourage the learning of Nach. It aimed to help people gain a basic understanding of the whole of Nach.  Nach is one of the parts of Torah which is seemingly neglected from our learning schedule. Nach is a critical part of Torah which contains  many lessons for us today and it contains our history.

All participants of the program learn the same Perek of Nach each day in their own time. The group receive a Dvar Torah and  Perek summaries on the perokim in Nach which they are learning via e-mail every week. In addition, there is a weekly Chabura in the boy’s school and fornightly in the girl’s. The program has expanded and grown with Hashem’s help. It now has branches both in London and Israel as it continues into its’ fourth cycle. The program now has dozens of participants accross the globe.

The programme is tough and needs persistance in order to keep up to date, but is very rewarding and highly recommended for everyone to take up. Although the program is run by Hasmonean students, we encourage everyone worldwide to participate and join the program.