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Daily Nach Book!

As the fourth Daily Nach cycle draws to a close, it is amazing to think that every cycle our numbers grow!! We realized that with all this writing perek summaries and divrei torah, it's time to make a book out of it! Months on, and we are near completion of the project. The new book will be called Journey through Nach and is due to be released just after Succos in conjunction with the new leining season. Click here for more details...

New Sign Up scheme being launched with Prize draw!!

Daily Nach are happy to announce a new sign up scheme which we are launching for 2014. You can now sign up to confirm you have done your perek every day here. You will then be entered into a monthly prize draw with money prizes on offer. Additionally, you can choose to be emailed by us whenever you go a few days without signing up and need a timely reminder!!

How to Join?

Here is the latest calendar to get started. Please let us know your details on the Sign Up page under Contact Us. We currently have dozens of participants across the globe and would love to have you on board. Daily Nach participants learn one Perek of Nach in their own time and in under two years finish the whole of Nach. It requires dedication and commitment, but it is exceptionally worthwile.

Calendars & Chaburah

Calendars will be sent out by e-mail and for participants in Hasmonean will be given out. Please click here for a copy of the latest calendar. The Daily Nach Chabura takes place in the boys school every Monday lunch break. In the girls school it will be held fortnightly during Tuesday lunch. In both Chaburas there will be refreshments. Exciting speakers including: students, teachers and guest speakers will engage attendees with an interesting topic based on the weekly Perokim.