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Perek Summaries, Divrei Torah, Nach News, Upcoming Events, Chaburas & Calendars This is the site with everything you need for Daily Nach.

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A Slight Pause...

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the current Daily Nach cycle has been put on hold. We are hoping BezH to continue in the coming year around September time, with a fresh start! We will be in touch with all our participants over the next few months to re-organise our mailing list and reminders-system. We apologise for the inconvenience and we hope you will continue with us after the break, on our way to finishing the entire nach in just a year and a half!

In Short...

Daily Nach is a unique international learning program which allows you to finish the whole of Nach in just a year and a half by doing only one Perek a day! Each Perek takes roughly fifteen minutes and by the end you will have Nach at your fingertips! Access the concise summaries; ask questions; read inspirational Divrei Torah on previously unexplored sections of Nach, and much much more all on our new daily Nach website. Enjoy!

How to join?

We currently have dozens of participants across the globe and we would love to have you on board. Daily Nach participants learn one Perek of Nach in their own time and in under two years finish the whole of Nach. . Please let us know your details on the Sign Up page and we will send you weekly Perek summaries and Divrei Torah to help you on the journey. Any sign-ups will be added to our mailing list for the start in September.

Contact Us

If you would like to sign up, contribute or contact us, please either e-mail us at dailynach@gmail.com or fill in the form on the Queries Page. We look forward to hearing from you and we will try to respond as soon as we can.